Dry January 2022

January 7, 2023

If you are taking part in Dry January- you have made it through the first week- Congrats! Some folks may be committed to healthy habits they committed to- hitting the gym, making great choices in the kitchen, and feeling strong and happy. Others may be counting down the time to February 1st… I definitely get it. I have participated in the Whole30 several times and have felt the highs and lows that go around making changes like no alcohol bring to your body and mind. Here are some ideas on how to not just make it through, but have some fun over the next 26 days and 7 hours:

  1. Let friends, family & co-workers know you are not drinking for the month January- I bet you will find others around you doing the same. Dry January started in 2013 with 4000 people signing up to take part, last year an estimated 35% of US adults took part in 2022. The more people around you that know can keep you accountable.
  2. Find fun alternatives to drink! I love that Woodland Farms has several non-alcoholic beers to support people through just this month, or any occasion where no alcohol or lower calories are top of mind. My favorite is the DARK, but there is lots of variety to pick from. And if you are in the Southern NH/Maine seacoast area you also can pop into the tasting room and have our amazing bartender Mike whip you up some fun mocktails as well.
  3. Get out there & socialize! Bring some NA beers, or fancy mocktails with you to parties or dinner at a friend’s house. Or take this month to make plans with friends to do something different- a walk or hike, a trip to a museum, something that doesn’t center around food & beverage. If you ARE out at restaurants, most spots have a non-alcoholic beer available. 

It doesn’t have to be torture, you can have some fun. If you haven’t seen the Tito’s and Martha Stewart collaboration for Dry January, it’s brilliant & worth checking out.

It may seem strange that a brewery is encouraging you to participate in Dry January- we love beer! We love cocktails! But we love providing all kinds of beverages for people to be together and celebrate. We are the only non-alcoholic beer made in Maine & hope you will check out all we have to offer. Cheers!