N/A vs A – Our Perspective

January 7, 2023
Green Ghost is back!
Maines first NA IPA

So, we get asked all the time “What’s up with all the N/A beer? Do you even brew Alcohol anymore?”. The short answer is, Heck yeah we do! However we’re strong believers in putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to moderation.

We still make some of the most killer ales, lagers and barrel-aged sour beer around but lets be real; hangovers suck, alcoholism sucks, drunk driving sucks and frankly there’s a lot of non-alcoholic beer our there that sucks. Non-Alcoholic beer production has been a goal since opening our doors in 2017. We produced our first N/A IPA in the spring of 2017, and guess what… it sucked. It really took 3 years and some serious trial and error to arrive at Pointer IPA, our first entry into fermented craft N/A (yes, we actually ferment the na beers, we’re don’t strip the alcohol out).

Look, we understand the risks of alcohol and love being able to provide an alternative to “leaded” beer… however we still love a crisp lager or juicy IPA as much as the next craft beer fan and thats not going away.  I use the parable all the time of “You’re at a bonfire, or street party with your buds and you’ve had 2 beers but still need to drive home. Our craft N/A is exactly whats that for. Keep the good times going, but be safe, smart and responsible while doing it without having to sacrifice the beer drinking experience”. Explained in that context, our decision to bring Maine’s first and only N/A brewed right here in Maine with Maine grown ingredients to market seemed like a no-brainer to me.