Dry January Week 3

January 19, 2023

Our culture is pretty obsessed with celebrity. Forget all this focus on the nepo babies, how about all the celebs out there sharing their sobriety with the world. More and more people are choosing not to drink alcohol, for lots of different reasons and it’s cool when famous folks share their journey with all of us. Here are some sober celebrities I find entertaining:

Brene Brown– I did an interview last year and was asked what celebrity I would want to have visit Woodland Farms, and she tops my list. Her TED Talks, podcast, books, HBO and Netflix specials are insightful, inspiring, and teach me how to be better in both my professional and personal relationships. You can check out all things Brene Brown on her website.

Dax Shepard– His podcast Armchair Expert has some of my favorite interviews, and if you follow him & his wife, Kristen Bell on social- they are funny & adorable (#relationshipgoals). They are also both very open about his struggles with addiction. 

Jason Bateman– The crush started back in the 80’s watching Silver Spoons. Everything is does is fun to watch- hits like Arrested Development and Ozark, and I have listened to many a Smartless podcast with Will Arnett & Sean Hayes on road trips.

Drew Barrymore– I read her autobiography “Little Girl Lost” in high school when it came out. Her story is remarkable, and how she is a success still in her 40’s is even more amazing once you read about her struggles with addiction at a VERY young age, and emancipated at age 14. You can’t help but cheer her on. She has a talk show, magazine, production company, makeup line, home furnishing line, and an amazing LONG acting career- most recently in the “Santa Clarita Diet”- which is a campy and fun zombie series. 

Glennon Doyle– Her biography “Untamed” has won her lots of fans. She is flawed, and vulnerable, and really thoughtful in the way she shares stories in her books and on her podcast “We Can Do Hard Things.” She shares her struggles with anorexia and drinking, and tackles current social topics. 

Hopefully that gives you some new content as you explore if you like pop culture as much as I do. And if you need some more inspiration, there is an Instagram account called Sober Celebs with 133k followers.