Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Craft Beer

February 10, 2023

Is “beer” your Valentine’s love language? If so, here are some ways to knock their socks off while expressing your love:

  1. Homebrewing Experience: If your significant other loves to drink beer, set them up to make some beer on their own, or better yet, do it together! Check out our friends at Earth Eagle Beer Supply for everything you need to get started, or to help your loved one stock up.
  2. Self-Guided Craft Beer Tasting Tour: Hit your local breweries for some tastings together. This can be as simple as mapping out your own journey and being the designated driver for you (most breweries have a non-alcoholic offering available to keep you safe. Make sure to put Woodland Farms on your list- we always have some of our non-alcoholic beers on tap in the tasting room, and always stocked with cans to go!).
  3. Professional Beer Tasting Tours Get fancier and let someone else do all the planning and driving. Pick a date and you just have to show up and go along for the ride. Maine Brews Cruise has some to check out in the Portland area.
  4. Beer-themed Dinner: Plan a beer-themed dinner for Valentine’s Day. Pair each course with a different style of beer, and incorporate beer as an ingredient into each course when possible. Hit up Pinterest for ideas on menu planning.
  5. DIY Beer Tasting Night at Home: Pick a style of beer and buy a variety of beers to compare at home. Create some fun apps and snacks and invite a group over to see how your thoughts compare (beer is very personal- your taste buds know what they like, and what they don’t). Use beer rating sheets to capture your notes. It can also be fun to make it a blind taste test, keep all the beers in brown paper bags & have the group declare a “winner” of the style before revealing which beer it is. 

We hope you have some fun together this Valentine’s Day with your favorite loves- of the human and beer varieties. We hope you will hop into our tasting room to enjoy some beverages with us, or pick up some cans to take home & celebrate. Sláinte!