An AI Valentine to Woodland Farms

February 13, 2023

Everyone is talking about AI these days. Whether you are on board with how it can make work easier or faster, or are worried the computers are taking over, we decided to check it out. Here’s a Valentine to Woodland Farms: 

Oh Woodland Farms, my heart beats true,
For the love I have for you.
Your beer, it brings me such delight,
A taste so crisp, so smooth, so right.

In your brewery, I find my peace,
Where every beer is a delicious treat.
Your attention to detail, it shows,
A love for beer that truly flows.

From the first sip, I was smitten,
Captivated by the flavor and the written.
With every brew, my love just grows,
Woodland Farms, you truly know.

So on this Valentine’s Day, I say,
To my favorite brewery, Woodland Farms, hurray!
My heart is yours, my love so true,

Woodland Farms, my heart belongs to you.

Aw, thanks for the love ChatGBT, we are flattered and think your pretty great too. Although we think our fans are smart, we thought we would remind you that everything AI spits out is not always the truth (DUH?!??!)