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Introducing Maine’s first Non-Alcoholic IPA.

80 calories, less than 0.5% alcohol and all the hazy juicy IPA flavor

you’ve come to expect from Maine brewed IPA’s.

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Maine's first Non-Alcoholic Wheat BeerWitty

Introducing Maine’s first Non-Alcoholic wheat beer.

90 calories, less than 0.5% alcohol and all the yummy
wheat beer flavor that’s the hallmark of the style.

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Fresh beer releases!Special beer for special people!

Brand new release for 2023, two fresh blends of our lambic-style ale series “Spruce”. These are 4 year old barrel aged wild yeast fermented beer blended back with 14 month old wild fermented beer which is then aged on fruit. This release is an oude kriek-style with montmorency cherries, and then for the first time ever we aged beer on pineapple. Tasting room only!

2023 Spruce Release

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The Art of Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer: Crafting Flavor Without the Buzz
Brewing non-alcoholic beer might seem like a straightforward process—just omit the alcohol, right? However, creating a truly exceptional non-alcoholic beer requires a delicate balance of ingredients, techniques, and innovation, and Woodland Farms Brewery is a prime example of mastery in this craft. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the art of crafting non-alcoholic beer...
The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer: A Sobering Trend
Non-alcoholic beer, once relegated to the fringes of the beverage world, is now experiencing a renaissance, with Woodland Farms Brewery at the forefront of this movement. In recent years, the market for non-alcoholic beer has been steadily growing, driven by shifting consumer preferences, health-conscious choices, and innovations in brewing technology. In this blog post, we’ll...
An AI Valentine to Woodland Farms
Everyone is talking about AI these days. Whether you are on board with how it can make work easier or faster, or are worried the computers are taking over, we decided to check it out. Here’s a Valentine to Woodland Farms:  Oh Woodland Farms, my heart beats true, For the love I have for you....
Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Craft Beer
Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Craft Beer
Is “beer” your Valentine’s love language? If so, here are some ways to knock their socks off while expressing your love: Homebrewing Experience: If your significant other loves to drink beer, set them up to make some beer on their own, or better yet, do it together! Check out our friends at Earth Eagle Beer...
Dry January Week 3
Our culture is pretty obsessed with celebrity. Forget all this focus on the nepo babies, how about all the celebs out there sharing their sobriety with the world. More and more people are choosing not to drink alcohol, for lots of different reasons and it’s cool when famous folks share their journey with all of...

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